BACK UP: the open source women back each other up project & gentlemen's auxiliary



Vito Excalibur's original post: I would like to propose a little real world help for a real world problem.

Shay's Days has some ways to get started.

The Backup Ribbon Project provides packs of ribbons to people wanting to show support.


Fandom & Women is "a collection of sites dedicated to female characters and creators in mainstream comics."

Geek Feminism Wiki; does what it says on the tin.

Friends of Lulu is "a national nonprofit organization whose purpose is to promote and encourage female readership and participation in the comic book industry."

Feminist Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Utopia


Feminism, Anti-racism, & Other Social Justice Links

Feminist Reading Tools for Recognizing and Countering Racism by WOC, PhD has some suggested reading for thinking about how racism & sexism interact.

"Beside My Sister, Facing the Enemy: Legal Theory Out of Coalition" by Mari J. Matsuda (reposted to Problem Chylde by Sylvia). More about intersectionality and women of color feminism.

Girl Army Reader has many useful links to reading about racial issues, trans/genderqueer issues, feminism, and intersectionality, as well as reports and resources on a variety of topics.



Most of these organizations are based in the United States. If you have links to organizations in your country that you'd like to add, please drop me a line.

Girl Wonder (mentioned above) also has The Con Anti-Harassment Project.

The Phunky Bitches aim to make the music festival circuit safer for women.

Equality Now "works to end violence and discrimination against women and girls around the world through the mobilization of public pressure".

The National Organization of Sisters of Color Ending Sexual Assault (SCESA) is "a Women of Color led non-profit committed to ensuring that systems-wide policies and social change initiatives related to sexual assault are informed by critical input and direction of Women of Color". Their website is currently being reorganized, but there is contact information there at present.

Incite! Women of Color Against Violence is a US-based organization of radical feminists of color, working on ending violence against women and trans people of color and their communities. Incite!s website includes resources for organizing and a toolkit against law enforcement violence.

Women for Women International works with women in war and post-war environments, providing many necessities.

Girls Incorporated is a nonprofit organization "dedicated to inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold." They provide educational programs to US girls, especially those in underserved areas.

SAFER: Students Active For Ending Rape is a US nonprofit organization "committed to empowering students to hold colleges accountable for sexual assault in their on- and off-campus communities." The site includes a blog, Change Happens, which contains a very informative post about "bystander training", with useful links to other resources.

Prevention Connection is "a national online project dedicated to the primary prevention of violence against women".

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) provides information and resources about sexual violence, including outreach and response strategies and mechanisms.


For the Gentlemen's Auxiliary

Men Can Stop Rape works to help men become allies against sexual violence.

Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) originated at Northeastern University, and is now implemented in many other colleges and universities. It focuses on leadership training, cross-gender partnership, and bystander intervention for student leaders and student-athletes. The site includes a Men's Violence Against Women in Sport resource list. More information and ways to get copies of the training playbook for high school and college students is available at Jackson Katz, and the National Consortium for Academics & Sports has sample scenarios available.

Toolkit for Working with Men & Boys to Prevent Gender-Based Violence "provides readings, case studies, handouts, exercises, and other resources as well as community-building tools".

The Men's Program: A Peer Education Guide to Rape Prevention, by John Foucault. Includes bystander information, peer education info, and information on how to help friends who have been victimized.

SkepChick hosts a series entitled Speaking Out Against Hate Directed at Women.



Impact Bay Area offers self-defense courses.

Five Reasons Why "Teach Women Self-Defense" Isn't a Comprehensive Solution to Rape

Girl Army, whose reading list is linked above, "is a collective dedicated to peer taught, affordable, physical and psychological self-defense for women and trans folks of all cultures".


Harassment Policies & Codes of Conduct

If you are writing an anti-harassment policy or code of conduct, here are some extant policies you can take a look at to help you get started. It is always worth reaching out to your own community for help, too, and to cover angles that you might have missed.

Geek Feminism Wiki Conference anti-harassment/Policy. Contains detailed example policies, fill-in-the-blanks, links to how-tos, etc.

American Atheists Conference Code of Conduct.corpsefairy noted on the LiveJournal community that AA was responsive to feedback on the Code, which is something organizations should take note of when writing these kinds of policies.

Policy of the Center for Inquiry on Hostile Conduct/Harassment at Conferences

Secular Student Alliance Conference Policies, Regulations, and Welcoming Statement

Readercon Public Statement. Readercon had a harassment incident, and after an incident of harassment, the board elected not to follow said policy. The fallout included this Public Statement from the concom. The program for ReaderCon 23 (2013) includes an explicit harassment policy and refers people to the Open Source Women Back Each Other Up Project.